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What does SSL certificates compatibility represent ?

There is a large number of web browsers and operating systems. When a user logs on to a website which has a SSL certificate, they detect its presence and display the site as secure.

Depending on the browser / operating system used, a website in https may be reported as « unsecure » if the user connects with an obsolete version or a non-standard browser. Certificates issued by the Comodo certification authority are recognized by 99.3% of browsers and operating systems for standard offers, and 99.9% for premiums & business offers, which is currently the highest compatibility rate on the market.

Some Certificate Authorities issue SSL certificates with a 96% compatibility: If this difference appears trivial, it can represent a considerable loss of visitors resulting from the display of security alert.

See the list of browsers compatible with Comodo SSL certificates.

How does warranty work?

The warranty protects the end-user when he enters information on a website which has a non-revoked and unexpired SSL certificate.

If there is an authentication error in the information contained in an SSL certificate (issuing a certificate to a fraudulent site, error in verifying the domain name owner identity), and this results in a monetary loss for the end user in connection with a fraudulent online credit card transaction, he may have to claim a refund (up to the warranty) to the certification authority.

Consult warranty terms and conditions.

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