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Whois Privacy contact form

Following the implementation of the GDPR, most whois services no longer provide any information regarding the domain name's Registrant.
Also in some cases, this information is masked by FranceDNS' whois privacy service.

In order to allow any third party to contact the holder legally responsible for a domain name and its contacts, we make available the contact form below.

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By submitting a message, you acknowledge that:

* FranceDNS transfers the message without checking its content, without any final control, verification of the accuracy of the issuer's email address or verification of the identity of the issuer.
* For technical reasons, FranceDNS is only bound by an obligation of means. In this regard, FranceDNS can not be held responsible for failure to transmit the message for any reason whatsoever, or even guarantee that it has been received and read.
* FranceDNS is not at all responsible for the request for transmission of the message and acts merely as a technical intermediary for the issuer.

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