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Payment Methods

FranceDNS accepts the following payment methods. Attention payment methods differ depending on the selected currency and your country. Do not hesitate to contact us to determine the best way to pay for your order.

Credit card

Transactions on our site are secured by the system  "SystemPay". When you enter your bank details, you are automatically redirected the payment server of the Bank. So we never know your credit card number and that is not stored on our servers. In addition, all information exchanged with the system are encrypted using the SSL protocol and can not be intercepted or altered.

Accepted Currencies: EUR, USD, CHF, CAD, XPF

Exchange rates: USD, CHF, CAD, XPF
In order to improve customer experience, we display a conversion rate in non-euro currencies (USD, CHF, CAD or XPF) when processing payments.
As our bank account is in Euro, the amount withdrawn in other currencies (USD, CHF, CAD or XPF) will always match the original Euro cost of the product.
Thus, this withdrawal amount may vary since it is indexed to exchange rate fluctuations recorded by the European Central Bank.

Payment Delay:
The order is processed immediately unless verification at the sole discretion of FranceDNS.

Accepted Credit Cards:
logo-visa VISA
logo-mastercard EuroCard / MasterCard
logo-cb Carte bleue
logo-amex American Express

Fight against fraud:
Many banks require confirmation of payment by credit card via the 3DSecure method. You will be redirected to the website of your bank to confirm the purchase by entering personal information (secret code received by SMS, password, date of birth, etc.). If you are not able to provide this information, please contact your bank.



PayPal allows you to pay directly without sharing your financial information on the Internet by paying your orders with your PayPal funds or your credit card.

Accepted Currencies: EUR, USD, CHF, CAD

Payment Delay:
The order is processed immediately unless verification at the sole discretion of FranceDNS the payment will be 'pending authorization'.

Payment Methods:
PayPal Account

As an alternative to our SystemPay payment platform, you can pay by credit card without opening a PayPal account
logo-visa VISA
logo-mastercard EuroCard / MasterCard
logo-cb Credit Card
logo-amex American Express

Bank Transfer

Accepted Currencies: EUR from a country member of the SEPA zone

Payment Delay:
Upon confirmation of credit to our account by the bank.
1 to 3 business days depending on your country.

The bank transfer's reference must be structured as follow : CustomerID/C/OrderNumber
(e.g If I am the customer ZZ1 and my order number is 11050, then my bank transfer's reference must be ZZ1/C/11050)
All transfer fees are your responsibility
Any transfer in another currency thant EUR or from a country outside the SEPA zone will cause fees (contact us)

Banking informations:
Beneficiary : FranceDNS SAS
Bank: HSBC
Address: 104 rue Nationale, 59000 Lille, France
IBAN: FR7630056009490949015686884

Credit account

To facilitate financial transactions, you can make a deposit to your customer account. This deposit is not seen as an invoice but a credit available to make payments. This mode is required for Resellers but can be used by anyone to support less financial expenses. It is also necessary to use the automatic renewal.

Accepted Currencies: ALL

You can make a payment with any of the accepted payment methods (unlimited amount) from the interface "My Account", section "Finances"

When you need to pay an order:

  • your credit partially covers the amount
    On the order form, when you check our Terms and Conditions, choose "Apply". The credit will be deducted from the amount to pay and you can pay the remaining fee with the payment methods of your choice.
  • your credit totally covers the amount
    on the payment selection page, choose "Payment with available credit". The order will be validated and accepted by our sales department.


Determine the payment method in line with the currency of your order and the time required for its completion.

Payment Method Country Currency Fees Processing delay
Credit card All EUR None Instant
Credit card All USD, CHF, CAD, XPF At your expense Instant
PayPal All EUR, USD, CHF, CAD None Instant
Wire Bank Transfer SEPA Zone EUR None 1 business day
Wire Bank Transfer Outside SEPA Zone EUR Contact us 1 to 3 business days

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