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SPAMORA Messaging Solution
from 2.00 € VAT excluded/month *
up to 50 Go of disk space
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Antispam and antivirus filtering

FranceDNS developed the SPAMORA ™ solution from OpenSource to provide a complete messaging service, highly filtered against spam and antivirus.

Mail Offers consist of a disk space that can be shared between different mailboxes via the principle of quota, and all features to fully exploit the online messaging from anywhere or with your favorite software.

Comparative chart

3 Offers are available to suit your needs

At any time, you can upgrade to a higher offer.

Features Spamora S Spamora M Spamora L
Mailboxes number (Email Accounts) 5 15 50
Total Disk Space 10 Go 30 Go 100 Go
Monthly Traffic unlimited unlimited unlimited
Minimum subscription 1 month 1 month 1 month
Prices ( monthly VAT excluded * ) €2.00 €4.00 €8.00
Order Order Order
Order with a domain name

* Are not subject to VAT, non-EU residents and EU companies (outside of France) with an intracommunity VAT number. Otherwise, the local VAT of the client will be charged.


Whatever the chosen offer, you get a complete email management with the following features:

  • Access to mailboxes with POP3 and IMAP4 protocols

    You can read your mailboxes with a messaging software such as "Thunderbird" "Windows mail" in SSL secure mode or not. Compatibility is ensured for smartphones apart from consultation with the push mode.

  • Access to mailboxes with a Webmail

    Check your emails on the Internet wherever you are with our webmail 2.0 available in sixty languages. Access to webmail is also possible for a smartphone with an optimized display on their screens.

  • SMTP access to send emails

    We provide a secure and SSL authenticated SMTP for you to send emails from your computer or your smartphone. Each offer has a limit of emails sent per day to limit abuse and spam.

  • Antispam and Antivirus filtering

    All incoming emails are highly filtered with the latest technologies of the moment. Each box has a directory to allow spam to consult without polluting the mailbox directory.

  • Configurable Quota

    Each box has a customizable quota to avoid exceeding the resources of your hosting. Unlike other suppliers, the quota is not limited to a few GB. You are free to create a box with 10GB and another with 100MB ...

  • Email addresses with forwarding

    Once an email is received, it is transferred to the destination email address (internal or external, for example to your gmail account or your ISP's one)

  • Email aliases

    Once an email is received on the alias address, it is ultimately stored in the associated box. In other words, an alias is the secondary name of a mailbox. (eg info@mondomaine.fr is an alias of webmaster@mondomaine.fr box that will store received messages)

  • Domain Name Aliases

    All existing mailboxes will be functional with the domain alias. Once an email is received at the address of a domain name alias, it is ultimately stored in the corresponding box of the main domain.

  • Catch-all

    The catch-all, as its name suggests, allows you to collect all the emails received by non-existing mailboxes. DOnce such email is received, it is ultimately stored by the catch-all.

  • Autoresponders

    In your absence, you can set an automatic reply when a email is received.


The webmail is Roundcube where the most important feature is the extensive use of Ajax technology to provide a smoother and more responsive user interface than traditional webmails.

With its many features included and those we added with plugins:

  • 60 languages
  • Full support for MIME and HTML messages
  • Management of multiple identity for the sender
  • Managing drafts
  • Directory management to sort messages
  • Address Book with groups
  • Search messages and contacts
  • Spelling Checker
  • Sending delayed message
  • Calendar
  • and more ...

Webmail preview

Antispam / Antivirus

We lead a fight against spam, in our opinion, one of the greatest scourges of the Internet.

Based on open source software such as SpamAssassin and ClamAV, the solution provides a wide range of antispam tests and advanced network test to filter up to 99% of spam.

  • Anti-spam tool based on on free software (Spamassassin, ClamAV, liste grises, ...)
  • Filter up to 99% of spam
  • Intelligent learning based on Bayesian networks

Spamora S + .COM

"Mail hosting + domain name" package for beginners

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Spamora M + .COM

"Mail hosting + domain name" all-around package

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Spamora L + .COM

"Mail hosting + domain name" high-end package

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