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Domain names - Protection against Transfers

What is domain theft ?

Each registrar offers the possibility of transferring domain names from another registrar in order to manage them. The transfer is a delicate operation that requires great care and it is the registrar requesting the transfer to take them into account. Example check that the transfer has really been requested by the domain's contacts

The registrar, who is losing the management of the domain, cannot check whether the transfer has been requested in compliance with this rule and therefore, once the transfer request is launched, the transfer can be completed (if for example you are on vacation and you cannot refuse the transfer).

Protection from theft at FranceDNS

FranceDNS can protect your domain against theft if it is a possibility given at the registry or if during the transfer procedure the registry asks us an approval.

registrar-lock-1We systematically change the domain, during registration or at the end of a transfer, to a status in which transfers cannot be made. If another registrar requests the transfer of this domain, it will be refused automatically.

registrar-lock-2If you wish to transfer the domain to another registrar, you must disable the domain's protection. At this moment, the domain is not protected and another registrar can make the transfer request.

When looking at the whois data, this status is indicated:
  status: REGISTRAR-LOCK for .com and .net domain names
  status: CLIENT LOCK for .info domain names
  status: clientTransferProhibited for .biz domain names
  status: CLIENT TRANSFER PROHIBITED for .org domain names


The following services are free with any domain name managed by FranceDNS

Online management

DNS management

Web forwarding

Email forwarding

Registrar lock

Masked whois


Optionally, you can also benefit from the following services:

Trustee / Local contact

This service is available only with the following extensions:
.COM / .NET / .ORG / .BIZ / .INFO / .MOBI / .PRO / .TEL / .BE / .FR / .RE / .PM / .TF / .WF / .YT

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