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What is whois ?

The whois databases are public databases to visualize the details of a domain name. By performing a search, it is possible to know the owner, other contacts, domain name's status, creation and expiration date, the registrar, and other information ...

Each domain name extension has its Whois database, which can be published either by the extension's Registry or by the Registrar of the domain name. Therefore there are a multitude of formats, policy dissemination of personal data, etc..

The whois privacy at FranceDNS

Whois privacy is a feature that allows you to hide and not to disclose the contact information in the Whois, it is only possible in the following cases:

  • Case 1: By national law, the register is required to provide the functionality to not divulge information of individuals or legal entities

  • Case 2: The domain name registrar is obliged to maintain the whois domain names under its management while respecting its contract with the Registry


FranceDNS is currently able to offer the whois protection for extensions of case 1.
During the registraton or the transfer-in of a domain name, we activate the whois privacy immediately whenever possible.

At any time, if you want to publish your information in the whois database you can disable the whois privacy directly in the client interface.


The following services are free with any domain name managed by FranceDNS

Online management

DNS management

Web forwarding

Email forwarding

Registrar lock

Masked whois


Optionally, you can also benefit from the following services:

Trustee / Local contact

This service is available only with the following extensions:
.FR / .RE / .PM / .TF / .WF / .YT

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