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If you have an Internet Service Provider (ISP) as myisp.com, you have addresses such as me@myisp.com. In this case, your internet identity depends entirely on the name of your provider. If you want to change, you will lose these addresses and you need to send the new ones to all your contacts! With your domain name, you will only change that forwarding with a few clicks....

If you often use your email address on websites, you can get a lot of spam or unsolicited newsletters! With your domain name, you can keep your real mailbox secret and create / delete public email addresses with a few clicks...

The Forwarding service at FranceDNS

FranceDNS offers a range of services to help you manage the email associated with your domain name:

  • An unlimited number of email addresses. For example contact@mydomain.fr or info@mydomain.fr

  • The ability to specify multiple destinations for the same address. When mail is sent to a custom address of your domain, it will be automatically redirected to its recipients

  • A spam filter to protect your destination email address.

  • 2 MX servers on two different geographical locations (Datacenter DC) to maintain the accessibility of your email addresses in all circumstances.

  • The ability to send messages from a personal address with an adequate messaging software corresponding settings.

Addresses do not have mailboxes, they point to the destination addresses you specify. Therefore these are not email accounts which store your messages and they do not have access to a webmail or pop / imap protocols.

The email hosting at FranceDNS

If you need an email service of professional quality, FranceDNS sell its SPAMORA offer.


The following services are free with any domain name managed by FranceDNS

Online management

DNS management

Web forwarding

Email forwarding

Registrar lock

Masked whois


Optionally, you can also benefit from the following services:

Trustee / Local contact
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