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What is DNS ?

Domain Naming Service (DNS) establishes the correspondence between the domain name of your site (e.g : francedns.com) and the IP address where it is hosted (e.g : on the Internet. A DNS server is a machine which makes this correspondence.

To be active on the Internet, a domain name must have at least one DNS server. However, it is preferable to see sometimes mandatory to have two or more DNS servers to take advantage of redundancy (if one of the servers becomes unavailable), thus ensuring the availability of a domain name permanently.

The DNS service at FranceDNS

FranceDNS offers a range of services to help you manage the DNS associated with your domain name:

  • 3 DNS name servers at 3 different locations (Datacenter DC) to maintain your domain name reachable in all circumstances.

  • Setting the DNS configuration of your domains such as changing the DNS records (A, MX, TXT, CNAME) and SOA records (TTL, refresh, ....).

    Default configurations are available through templates (Google Apps, ...) but you can create your own to easily apply on your domain names portfolio.

  • The ability to use your own external DNS servers (from 1 to 5) as your hosting service procider's ones.

  • The ability to use our secondary DNS servers, if you have yours.

  • DNSSEC option available for the compatible extensions.


The following services are free with any domain name managed by FranceDNS

Online management

DNS management

Web forwarding

Email forwarding

Registrar lock

Masked whois


Optionally, you can also benefit from the following services:

Trustee / Local contact

This service is not available with a .TEL domain name

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