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Anti-spam policy

Spam is an unsolicited communication sent by email. Usually, they are mass mailings sent for promotional purposes. If you are a spam victim and it has been sent from our services, this is our position and the solutions that we can provide:

How to determine if the source of the spam is FranceDNS or its services?

FranceDNS does not use spam, does not keep a client list to send spam and certainly does not sell its client list to third parties. However, it is possible that some of our less well intentioned clients use our services to send you spam. This is how to check if FranceDNS is involved in the spam you have received:

  • Spam's sender or receiver has an address ending with @francedns.com or one of our domain names: spammers often use false headers to make you think the email is legitimate. The addresses in the From or To fields are simply fake and do not mean that FranceDNS created the spam or sent it.

  • You see in the Whois records of the domain name that it is registered with FranceDNS. As a registrar that has been accredited by each extension authority, we register domain names on behalf of our clients. The client or its 'contacts' are then responsible for the use of the domain name.However, in this case, as the domain name’s registrar, we can intervene.

  • When you see names owned by francedns.com or one of our domain names in the header, this means that the mail has transited via our servers either via an email redirection server or one of our hosting servers. We can intervene in this situation.

What can FranceDNS do in the event that spam does come from one of our technical services?

FranceDNS is a technical intermediary that registers domain names and provides associated services such as emails redirection, SMTP or hosting for messaging accounts. If spam is being sent via our services, we can take appropriate action:

  • For spam sent via our redirection services
    This practice is sufficient to justify the suspension or termination of the redirection service or even suspension of the domain name in accordance with article 7.2 of our General Sales Conditions CG-ND.

  • For spam sent from one of our hosting services
    This practice is sufficient to justify the suspension or termination of the hosting service in accordance with article 9 CG-HM / CG-MAIL.

  • If Whois personal informations are invalid
    As every accredited registrar, we have to ensure that whois informations are valid. If you believe that whois informations are not correct, for the domain related to the spam you received, you can submit a complaint. If the informations are not updated within 15 days, the domain could then be suspended. Moreover, if the contact information are clearly false, and after confirmation from us, the domain could be suspended according to our general conditions of sales CG-FDND article 7.2.
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