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About FranceDNS

Who are we?

We are an Internet Service Provider, specialized for the Francophone community.

Our offer includes all services necessary for an Internet presence, including the management of national and international domain names, websites hosting, a professional messaging solution as well as tools to create websites.

Founded in 2012 by NETIM, an ICANN accredited Registrar specialized in European countries, FranceDNS is animated by a passionate team of new technologies and its goal is to be recognized as the Francophone market specialist by providing its expertise and community spirit.


FranceDNS is a French company based in Euratechnologies "Center of excellence dedicated to Information and Communication Technologies" of Lille, with the aim of moving closer to its customers especially in Africa.

Our services are available through dedicated websites in the following countries:   
  French Polynesia

What are our values ?

We are well aware that the Internet is a great tool to communicate but accessing it remains difficult in some countries due to technical, political or financial reasons. We therefore aim to provide services to the greatest possible number of people including establishing adapted prices to match the purchase power of each people.

A clear pricing and services

We do our best to earn your trust by providing you with the best product or service at the right price.

The mind that we want to convey, there is transparency and honesty. We practice round price and banish psychological prices such as 9,99 €. Similarly there are no hidden charges and each product can be ordered independently from each other. In other words, the customer can have its domain name with another registrar and have a messaging solution with FranceDNS and vice versa. We do not impose the purchase.

Quality of service

The customer relationship is the heart of our business. Nowadays domain names providers lead a fierce battle on the price, we do not sell at a loss and we do not use domain names as a call product to sell other services or our customer file. We are not looking for quantity but quality to satisfy our most demanding customers.

Our customers are individuals, SMEs and large companies, associations, institutions, major schools and universities. All trust us today to manage their portfolio of domain names and we treat them all the same way.

Our approach and our mind can be summarized: simplicity and efficiency at the best price.

What are we committed to?

To carry out its missions, FranceDNS is an accredited registrar (either directly or via its parent NETIM) with each extension in order to differentiate itself from simple resellers of domain names and guarantees a reliable, efficient and quality service.

On the technical side, we have our own virtualized infrastructure in three data centers located in France, guaranteeing reliability and security..

eing a service provider worthy of the name implies transparency and professionalism, which is why we promise::

  • To respect the status of the owner of domain names. The registration is made on behalf of the owner indicated on the order and declared as such at the Registry.
  • To respect the allocation's rules of domain names imposed by different countries. We will not accept to circumvent these rules in order to sell more.
  • Not to sell our customer file.
  • In giving freedom to the customer to transfer the domain name to another registrar, including providing authorization code, for free.
  • To provide technical and commercial support to all your questions.

By providing services to protect a brand, a company, or just your identity on the Internet, we have the duty to respect the netiquette and provide all the necessary guarantees.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you require further information about our services using the section "Contact"

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